There are no cookie-cutter treatments for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our memory care program is designed to fit the person, not the other way around. To us, successful therapeutic care for dementia and Alzheimer’s combines care for all of life’s needs—physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and cultural. We encourage family members and friends to be as actively involved in their loved one’s care as they want.

At Leisure Care, we hire caregivers who empathize with each family’s situation. They’re loving, positive, and dedicated to helping residents feel safe, secure, and valued. Our caregivers, above all else, preserve the person’s dignity. To top it off, they do it with a healthy dose of patience, spontaneity, flexibility, humor, and fun.

Knowledge of the disease is so incredibly important to give the best possible care, but compassion is a must. That’s why we hire caregivers that possess both experience caring for people with memory loss and the right personality. Our caregivers receive extensive and ongoing training. The bottom line? They love what they do and they do it well.

There’s no question, caring for a loved one is stressful for everyone involved. It’s beyond sad to watch someone you know so well lose their memory, and seemingly, themselves. But we can help relieve some of that anxiety and stress. Your loved one can still find meaning and contentment in each new day, and you can still enjoy every moment you have with them.

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Jane & Bill

Residents Jane Kimball and Bill Hartman each wrote and published books that are now available for purchase on

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