Welcome to Springfield Place, where your retirement adventure awaits.

When you visit our retirement community in the heart of Petaluma’s historic downtown, you’ll notice something unexpected the minute you walk through the doors. You can see, hear, and feel the energy and vibrancy of our community. The lobby is bustling, people are laughing, and friends are chatting. Some are planning outings to the waterfront, while others are grabbing coffee before they go shopping downtown. Springfield Place feels like an active community because it is an active community.

Our philosophy of premium customer service translates into an experience that feels more like you’re on a permanent vacation, and less like you’re in a retirement community. The atmosphere is warm, friendly, and inviting—whatever our residents need, our helpful staff is ready to deliver.

At Springfield Place, we don’t just care for people—we care about people, and want to help our residents get the most out of their retirement. Want to plan a movie night? Invite your family. How about a game of poker? Stack your chips. Dinner in the city sound fun? Hop on the shuttle. Whatever you want to do, whatever your interests are, we can help bring them to life in this next phase of life.

At Springfield Place, a fun, adventurous retirement awaits. All you have to do is make yourself at home.

License #496800799 

Community Highlights

Five-Star Dining at Springfield Place Retirement Community
Fit Brains by Springfield Place Retirement Community
Travel by Leisure Care at Springfield Place Retirement Community
Springfield Place
101 Ely Boulevard South Petaluma, California 94954
Phone: 707-769-3300
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