pack with confidence

The mere thought of moving can be daunting—especially later in life. And while many seniors want the secure, maintenance-free lifestyle that retirement community living provides, their number one concern is often the physical move itself. Despite the potential for panic, a smooth move is absolutely possible if you follow a few simple steps:

  • 1
    Create a Plan

    Before you do anything, contact your Leisure Care community to see if they provide moving assistance. If they don’t, consider how much time you’ll need to sort, downsize, pack, and unpack. Give yourself about 100 hours to sort, 20 hours to downsize, and 40–60 hours to pack and unpack. 

  • 2
    Set Deadlines

    Be realistic, start small, and set deadlines to hold you and your family members accountable. For example, schedule a time for loved ones to pick up family heirlooms, or arrange for donation pick-up by a local charity.

  • 3
    Visualize Your Space

    Print the floor plan of your new apartment, and use it as a guide. Measure exactly how much space you’ll have, and fill an equivalent amount of space as you pack.

  • 4
    Hire Help

    Enlist as much assistance as you need from an interior designer, home staging specialist, real estate agent, move manager, or moving company. 

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